About the Blue Ridge Football Officials Clinic – 2023

About the Blue Ridge Football Officials Clinic (2023)

Through our clinics, we strive to provide our attendees with opportunities to:

  • Meet and interact with experienced, successful football officials from all levels of the game.
  • Meet and interact with Collegiate Conference Officiating Supervisors.
  • Achieve a better understanding of mechanics, philosophies, and requirements for advancement.
  • Participate in a day filled with group discussion, video review, and position breakout meetings with officials who have worked in the NFL, NCAA Division I (FBS & FCS), Bowls, and post-season games at all levels of college football.

2023 Clinic Staff and Guests


Supervisors of Officials and Conference Representatives
This list will continue to be updated

Bryan Platt (Supervisor)
Chris Junjulas (Replay Supervisor)
Chris Smith (Supervisor)
Billy Alton (Representative/NFL Observer)
Centennial Conference
Jim Corpora (Supervisor)
Middle Atlantic Conference, Northeast Conference, NJAC, PSAC
Dennis Crim
Rich DeMayo
Steve Fleshman (Supervisor)
Ohio Valley Conference, ASUN-WAC
Matt Young (Supervisor)
South Atlantic Conference
Jack Childress (Supervisor, SEC Replay)

2023 Clinicians

Jeff Flanagan (ACC)
Stuart Mullins (ACC, CIP Evaluator, USFL Referee)
Jeremy Parker (Sun Belt)
Umpire/Center Judge
Hilbert Byers (AAC)
Patrick Oldham (AAC)
Danny Worrell (ACC)
Line of Scrimmage
Ed Camp (NFL)
Walt Flowers (SEC)
Troy Gray (ACC)
Lance Ulrich (CIP)
Roy Dowdy (SoCon)
Eric Hartman (AAC)
Kip Johnson (ACC)
Jeff Shears (NFL)
Rick Jackson (AAC, Replay Supervisor for CIP)
Chris Junjulas (ACC Replay Supervisor)
Mike Shepard (ACC)


Clinic Committee

Rodney Burnette – C-USA Referee
John Busch – ACC Replay
David Epperly – ACC Replay (Retired)<
Dan Foutz – CAA/Ivy/Patriot Replay
Milton Hagens – CIP Side Judge
Scott Held – ACC Center Judge
Doug Kennedy – SoCon Line Judge
Stuart Mullins – ACC Referee, CIP Evaluator, USFL Referee
Bruce Palmer – ACC Replay
Jim Slayton – ACC Line Judge
Matt Smyth – CAA/Ivy/Patriot Downfield
Trey Williams – SAC Back Judge